Singer/Songwriter Anastasia Solay Releases Latest Single ‘Start A Fire’

Swiss singer-songwriter Anastasia Solay releases her latest single ‘Start a Fire’. Known for her diverse sound and songwriting ability the Genvea-based artist infuses genres as varied as jazz, trip-hop, soul and indie to create a unique sound that defies easy categorisation.

Her latest single ‘Start a Fire’ follows this trend. The track blends indie-pop with soulful and cinematic elements to craft a soundscape that would sound at home as part of any James Bond soundtrack. Backed by an arrangement of electric guitars and basslines with intricate drum patterns that drive the track forward and interspersed with harp, violins and music box elements to create a record that’s both delicate and expressive throughout. ‘Start a Fire’ explores the light that is ignited in a person at a pivotal moment in their lives, creating the catalysts for change and growth, Anastasia’s vocal performance reflects this sentiment as she showcases her emotive vocal performance.

Born in San Francisco, USA and hailing from Geneva, Switzerland Anastasia Solay is a singer, composer and poet, who started her journey translating her inner world into lyrical compositions. Her journey led her to London, where she became a musical chameleon, adapting effortlessly to genres like jazz, soul, and reggae. She honed her improvisational skills, often collaborating with live bands. Anastasia’s unique talent came alive in intimate concerts where she crafted songs on the spot, akin to artistic sketches. Influenced by jazz, trip-hop, and soul, her compositions also echo global sounds that inspire her, creating vibrant tapestries from her life experiences.
Her music, a reflection of her life’s journey, is a testament to boundless creativity. As Anastasia continues to evolve as an artist, her future promises to be a sonic canvas filled with stories drawn from her experiences and the ever-changing world that surrounds her.