An Exclusive Conversation with Ellen Hayes

What initially sparked your interest in pursuing a career in the arts for those who may not be familiar with your background?

Since I was a young teen, I’ve always pictured myself singing on stage in front of a large crowd. I sang in my church choir and continue to do so today. My singing career began in my early twenties when my oldest brother formed a group that included our family along with his sister-in-laws. This era lasted for an amazing 20 years. By that time, I was completely committed and had even started writing my own songs, four of which were added to our second album.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single?

My latest single was inspired by a sermon preached at my home church by the minister (RIP), who grappled with struggles familiar to many of us. From his message, I sensed his gratitude for God’s grace, understanding, and forgiveness. Though he never explicitly said the words « another chance, » it struck me that I, too, serve a God of multiple chances, and I am better off because of it. The phrase « another chance » lingered in my mind until I got home, and I felt that it could become a song with the potential to resonate with believers and even unbelievers if shared with the world.

What themes or emotions are explored in this song?

The emotions and themes in the song are close to my heart, and I’m certain that listeners will also find their own connections and interpretations when they hear it. I can say Redemption: The joy and relief of receiving another chance from a higher power. Gratitude: Expressing thankfulness for the opportunity to start anew and make amends. Forgiveness: Reflecting on the act of being forgiven and the emotions that come with it. Hope: The outlook that accompanies the promise of another chance.
Self-reflection: the search for personal growth and the self-analyzing journey toward embracing another chance.

How does this single fit into the larger narrative of your music career or your upcoming projects?

« Another Chance » marks several firsts, including being my first recording of a choir. It is also the first time our church choir has been captured on a sound recording. The full version of the song « Another Chance » will be released with the next album. At present, it is uncertain whether the next album will be part of my solo career, which already includes enough recorded songs, or a choir project with numerous composed but as-yet-unrecorded songs, or if it will be a blend of both.

Could you describe the creative process behind this single, from concept to production?

After hearing a sermon that inspired me, I began the process of writing the song. I prefer to start on paper, and once I have perfected the lyrics, I save them in a Word document for any necessary revisions. When it comes to the tune, I have a penchant for unisons in a song, and I felt that it would be fitting for this particular piece. Once I developed the tune, I created the initial draft on my phone. After gathering a few of my daughters and taught them the song, I booked a studio session and played my song to establish accuracy and BPM. Then, the other producer and I selected a team of musicians best suited to play the song. Following the musicians’ performance, the vocals from my daughters and I were added, resulting in a great demo. This demo was then shared with the choir to determine its suitability. After receiving positive feedback, it was time to get to work. We captured the choir vocals in our church and completed the song in the studio.

What can listeners expect to experience or feel when they listen to this track? Based on the feedback I’ve received; listeners have expressed a renewed sense of appreciation and gratitude. Some have even mentioned that it moved them to tears as they reflected on the goodness of God. The song has the potential to inspire a positive mindset, instill a peaceful feeling, and nurture hope for a better future in the hearts of its listeners.

Are there any interesting stories or anecdotes from the recording or writing of this song that you’d like to share?

I distinctly recall asking the producer if he liked the song, to which he enthusiastically responded, « Heck yeah, I wished I had written it. » He then shared a personal reflection on the numerous chances God had given him. Additionally, the terminally ill mother-in-law of one of my choir members found comfort and peace in listening to the choir’s demo. Moreover, during the songwriting process, I had a mountain of balled-up papers by my side, a testament to the creative journey.

As an artist, can you identify three key traits that define you?

I would say compassion, spiritual insight, and self-awareness.

What can we anticipate in terms of your upcoming projects?

In the upcoming projects, you can anticipate a diverse range of genres, including some with more upbeat tempos. We also plan to introduce newsletters and live streams as part of our upcoming endeavors.

Where can our readers find additional information about you and your work?

My social media pages and my YouTube, please subscribe and follow me newsletters with a wealth of information and content coming soon.