An Exclusive Conversation with Mike Kuster

What initially sparked your interest in pursuing a career in the arts for those who may not be familiar with your background?

When I was really young, my father took me to see his friend’s band performing somewhere. Watching that band hooked me. I knew I wanted to do that. I really liked the fiddle. So, as soon as I could, I started violin lessons. Raising a family became my priority after high school and college. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I returned to my passion, and began posting a video every night of classic Country covers and some of my originals. It took off from there.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single?

There’s a road in the neighboring county called Frog Eye Road. As a kid, I thought that was such a great name and sounded like a country song. Then, I found out there was an annual event there called the Frog Eye Mud Bog. I knew I had to write a song about that. It was such a great event and just has that name I love. So, this song is all about that most country of country events on a road with the most country name I can imagine.

What themes or emotions are explored in this song?

This song is all fun! Everything about a good old mud boggin’ is in here. Everyone partying, cheering on the drivers and their trucks, and dancing in the mud. It’s a celebration of summer, freedom, and making friends with strangers over the shared love of it all.

How does this single fit into the larger narrative of your music career or your upcoming projects?

This song is part of my album, Country So Fresh You Have To Check Your Boots, and certainly fits that title alone. The whole album explores an idea of a man going through marriage troubles, the aftermath, and finding comfort in his roots.

Could you describe the creative process behind this single, from concept to production?

This process was a really long one. I’d been trying to put a song together about Frog Eye Road and then Frog Eye Mud Bog for decades, but hadn’t really buckled down to do it. While we were in the studio recording my first album, it pretty much came to me in a flash. Chris Condon was laying a guitar track and I wrote the lyrics. After the session, I wrote the melody and chord progressions. As soon as we finished that first album, I sent “Frog Eye Mud Bog” to my producer and told him that I was ready to start the next album.

What can listeners expect to experience or feel when they listen to this track?

I hope they experience fun and joy! They should feel like they’re there getting mud flung all over, drinking beers, and sweating in the heat and humidity of an August in Maryland. It’s a celebration!

Are there any interesting stories or anecdotes from the recording or writing of this song that you’d like to share?

This one is just so much fun to perform. All of us in the studio and on stage have a lot of fun with it. It usually ends in a battle of the musicians during solos. We all want to jam to it. That always ends up in a crowd pleaser, even when its just the few of us in the studio.

As an artist, can you identify three key traits that define you?

Classic is pretty key. Even if I cover a pop song, it comes out sounding like a classic country song. That’s just me.

Sincere. My music is so rooted in reality that it cannot be any more sincere.

Fun. I try to have a lot of fun with my music. I want folks to have fun with the melody and the lyrics, even when it’s not the happiest of subjects.

What can we anticipate in terms of your upcoming projects?

I am in the process of writing songs for my next album. I am working on some collaborations with other songwriters and artists to make this a big step in my work. My first three projects were all written by me alone. This next one will see some influences and styles that folks haven’t seen from me, yet.

Where can our readers find additional information about you and your work?

My music is everywhere you can stream or download music. My web site,, includes a link tree to profiles on most DSPs and Social Media. So, please check out, follow me, and share my music with all of your friends!