Nashville Artist Grant Keller doubles down with new single « Forgiveness »

Pop Country/Country Rock artist Grant Keller follows up his array of buzzing releases with his new single « Forgiveness » — and he doesn’t plan on stopping the release train any time soon. Working with distribution companies Too Lost and The Orchard through indie hybrid label CGA, Grant plans on having monthly releases for the foreseeable future while balancing his work ethic with live performance. Recently, Grant was in Nashville for the Writer’s Round show at Live Oak captured by his vlog « Day In The Life »

The sonic spectrum is wide and the Nashville, Atlanta, and Scottsdale country scenes are noticing. Since his first release in June 2023, Grant has amassed 150K+ Spotify streams on the platform alone. The lyricism builds the ensemble with each unique release. This time: It’s about a girl.

Grant explains, « This was the first original country record I wrote about my breakup last year. It was the first girl I had dated in a while that really had me thinking long term but it ended up only lasting around three months. In the song I reflected on the initial expectations of ‘love’ I was feeling before everything crumbled. The chorus focuses on my hope for reconciliation, to no avail, before continuing on about coping after the fact. »