A Conversation with Rebecca Lynn Howard

What initially sparked your interest in pursuing a career in the arts for those who may not be familiar with your background?

My entire family is musical, so I almost couldn’t escape becoming a musician. I’m also from a region in eastern Kentucky that’s very rich in musical heritage. It was all around me all the time.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single?

My latest single “I’m Not Who You Think I Am” is a song that I wrote about my uncles struggle with alcoholism. He battled it his whole adult life, and the irony of his life is that toward the end, he had sobered up and was tragically killed by drunk driver. I really wanted to tell his story.

What themes or emotions are explored in this song?

The song is being sung from the perspective of alcohol. It has a very eerie feeling to it, and I hope it prompts a lot of people to think.

How does this single fit into the larger narrative of your music career or your upcoming projects?

I feel like this song, kind of stands on its own. However, I’ve always been known to record songs that go very deep emotionally and I feel like this is one of the songs that does that.

Could you describe the creative process behind this single, from concept to production?

I wrote this song nearly 20 years ago with James Lablanc. I started the idea in my living room just me and my guitar. I took the idea into him one day not long after and we finished it. It has been through quite a journey in these last 20 years, but finally I’m getting to release it to my fans.

What can listeners expect to experience or feel when they listen to this track?

The song is pretty self-explanatory. I know a lot of people either have dealt with some kind of addiction or know someone that has. So, I feel like a lot of people relate to this on a very personal level. That’s why I love writing songs so much… To help people.

Are there any interesting stories or anecdotes from the recording or writing of this song that you’d like to share?

One interesting thing about this recording is the vocal you hear is the scratch vocal. It’s the first vocal that I laid down and it was the final vocal. A lot of times we go back in and fix words here and there, but I really loved the raw approach to the vocal so we left it as is.

As an artist, can you identify three key traits that define you?

Describing myself as an artist, I would use these three words. Raw, authentic, unapologetic.

What can we anticipate in terms of your upcoming projects?

I will always try to make the best music possible. I will always try to have some thing for everyone on my projects. But most of all, I will always try my best to stay true to myself.

Where can our readers find additional information about you and your work?

They can find me on Instagram @rebeccalynnhoward and Facebook (Rebecca Lynn Howard) and also my website rebeccalynnhowardofficial.com