Nicollette Sullivan Unveils Festive Vibes with New Single « Santa Baby »

Celebrate the holiday season with a touch of timeless charm as singer-songwriter Nicollette Sullivan releases her latest single, « Santa Baby. » Known for her captivating voice and unique musical style, Nicollette brings a fresh perspective to this classic Christmas tune, infusing it with her own signature flair.

« When I thought about doing a Christmas song, I knew it had to be ‘Santa Baby.’ This was the first song that came to mind for me, » Nicollette shares. « I chose ‘Santa Baby’ because I always gravitated to the fun nature of the song growing up. As I got older, I really began to appreciate ‘period piece’ music, especially musical artists from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and I grew more familiar with Eartha Kitt, which made me appreciate the song even more. I also think the words were tongue-in-cheek and very relatable. The song fits very well with my musical aesthetic, my style, and brand. To me, the song has a ‘timeless’ sound and feel, which is what I am going for in all of my music. »

Recorded at C4 Music Lab in Highland Park during the summer of 2023, Nicollette’s rendition of « Santa Baby » showcases the artist’s dedication to crafting a musical experience that transcends eras. Notably, Nicollette took a unique approach to the recording process by cutting the vocals at home on her Neumann U87 Microphone before importing them into the studio session.

The single features a collaboration with a team of talented musicians who worked diligently to capture the essence of the song. The result is a well-crafted and emotive rendition that pays homage to the classic while adding Nicollette’s distinctive touch.

As the holiday season approaches, « Santa Baby » promises to be a standout addition to festive playlists, offering listeners a chance to experience the magic of Christmas through Nicollette’s enchanting voice and timeless musical sensibility.

Nicollette Sullivan’ « Santa Baby’’ is available on all platforms for streaming and download.